Myriam Bessette

Trace / by Sofian Audry and Jonathan Villeneuve, 2007-2008

Digital arts Installation
Sofian Audry and Jonathan Villeneuve
In collaboration with Myriam Bessette and Samuel St-Aubin

Trace (L) : Aluminium, light bulbs, speackers and sub woofer, proximity sensors, sound amplifier, midi dimmer box, computer. 5’ X 12” diameter

Trace (V) : TV monitor, mechanical control lever, wood, aluminium, electrical wires, sound amplifier, arduino microcontroller, rf converter, computer. 30” X 20” X 75”

Trace (S) : Wood, wool, stuffing foam, vents, LED, Photo resistances, printed circuits, micro possessor, Alt-mega 168. 28 modules of 8” X 8” X 4” at 16” deep, sparse on the wall.